OnRamp Stories

Here are some of the clients we've been able to help thanks to the generous support of our donors and partners, and the hard work of our sponsors and volunteers. 

Tiff's Car Celebration 1.jpg


This hard-working single mom of three found herself out of options when her well-worn sedan broke down around the same time her oldest daughter’s college tuition came due. She needed something new to get her to and from work. Most people in this situation would be forced to turn to predatory lending, but Tiffany had a friend on staff at Grace Bible Church named Micah who sponsored her for OnRamp. The timing was perfect! A generous donor came forward with a fully-loaded 2014 Nissan Versa with only 24,000 miles, a perfect vehicle to last Tiffany for many years to come.



This single mom of three teenagers has been on dialysis for six years, but hasn't been able to get on the transplant list due to lack of reliable transportation. Fortunately, Rosie, her wonderful social worker at the dialysis clinic reached out to us on LaQuina’s behalf at precisely the same time a generous doctor in town (who prefers to remain anonymous) gifted us a well-cared for 2010 Chevy Cobalt. The gift matched the client perfectly and we were able to help LaQuina on the road to a transplant!



OnRamp and Allen Honda teamed up to bless an incredibly hard-working single mom of an elementary-aged daughter who was in desperate need of reliable transportation. Jackie walked four miles to and from work as a nurse assistant at a local hospital. But with your help, we were able to help her buy a 2010 Honda Civic in excellent shape. Now she's able to get to work, take her daughter to school and church, and give rides to other women in need to whom she serves as a mentor. We're so grateful for this opportunity to serve such a deserving client. 



OnRamp was inspired by Marlo, a single mom of four kids, ages 12-21. In need of a vehicle, but with little money or credit resources, Marlo was forced to turn to a dishonest used car dealer who sold her an absolute lemon. Blake spent many hours trying desperately to keep her car running, and that lit the fire that birthed this charity to ensure no one like Marlo ends up in a similar situation again. Fortunately, through the generous donations of so many of you, we were able to purchase an excellent Chevy Tahoe for Marlo that fits her whole family in comfort and safety... and working air conditioning! We couldn't be happier to help this mom provide for her kids.