We provide reliable transportation to people in need to get them on the road to self-sufficiency and to share with them the grace of God


Most of us take reliable transportation for granted. With the turn of a key we can get to work, to the store, or to the doctor with little fuss or worry. Yet for so many families, reliable transportation is simply out of reach, which severely limits access to jobs, stores, medical care, and social and religious services, and can trap people in a poverty cycle.


We work with sponsors from local charitable, government, and religious organizations to identify people in need who are already taking significant steps towards self-sufficiency, but who need a vehicle to continue that journey. OnRamp finds reliable vehicles through purchase or donation and gifts these vehicles to our clients so they can get back on the road without having to turn to predatory lenders. We service donated vehicles free of charge for the first year to help families progress towards their financial goals. We also help when a potential client’s transportation needs are best served in alternative ways, such as repairing a broken vehicle, providing rides, or donating funds for alternative transportation such as bus tickets.

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Jackie shares her inspiring story of finding help and hope through the generosity of OnRamp.

Listen to our founder, Blake Jennings, explain the mission of OnRamp on TexAgs radio program.


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OnRamp would not exist without the generous support of our partners who provide funding, parts, and assistance.

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