OnRamp only accepts clients for vehicle donations or repairs through qualified sponsoring organizations such as charities, churches, school districts, health care providers, and government agencies. Sponsors must be able to vouch for the character and determination of the client, and must be willing to help the client continue to meet future goals. If you meet these qualifications and want to sponsor someone in your program or ministry, choose from one of the options below.

Vehicle Donation

To sponsor a person or a vehicle donation, please download and complete this one-page sponsorship form, and email it back to onramptx@gmail.com. We will review the form and, if we decide to move forward, will send you a full application to give to the person you are sponsoring. That full application gets into goals, finances, and vehicular needs. Once they return the completed application to the same email address, we will schedule an in-person interview with you, your client, and one of our OnRamp board members. Please note: to be considered for a vehicle donation, prospective clients must have (1) a valid driver’s license, (2) ability to procure and pay for liability insurance, and (3) positive monthly net income taking all income sources and debts into account.

Vehicle Donation Sponsorship Form

Vehicle Repair

**we are not currently taking any new vehicle repair clients due to limited funds**

To sponsor a person to be considered for a vehicle repair, please complete the following form. Please note that funds for vehicle repair work are very limited and existing clients receive first priority.

Vehicle Repair Sponsorship Form